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Designer rugs Melbourne Australia

At one time the use of machineries was out of imagination. But, the Industrial revolution of eighteenth to nineteenth century changed everything. In fact, it provided us with a new dimension in our ways to generate our daily essential things. Prior to industrial revolution people produced their necessary things with the help of their hands. Especially, women were involved in making handmade things. As far as handmade rugs are concerned, women kept a vital role in making them popular among the general masses. However, after invention of machines people began to prefer items manufactured by machines as the production cost of these goods was far lower than the handmade things. Because of the growing tendency of using machineries, the production of handmade things -particularly handmade rugs- began to reduce. At present, very few people are involved in making this kind of rugs. In fact, it’s hardly imaginable that people will use handmade rugs in near future. Even if they wish to there will hardly be anyone to produce ones since there are selected few people expert in making these rugs.We have many handmade rugs Melbourne.

Despite being in decline in production, there is huge demand for handmade rugs all around the world. You may find a number of reasons behind the enormous interest in the rug. First of all, the quality of this rug type is undoubtedly high. It possesses an excellent artistic feature surrounding it. Hence, the rugs should be your first choice if you are looking for the enhancement of your room or any space inside a building. What’s more, these rugs are really exclusive and durable compared to most other rugs. Antique rugs could the best example of handmade rugs, because almost all of the antique rugs were made using hands. Because of their exclusive artistic quality, they still have an appeal to lots of rug lovers. Antique rugs are usually high in price. However, they are worthy of high price because of their unique design and outward appearance.

Handmade rugs still exist in different countries like Afghanistan, Iran, China and India. Rugs produced by these countries have high demand in the western countries like England and America. However, an important matter that we should take into account is that over the last few years the price of handmade rugs has raised a lot more than we have ever thought. You will find definitely some causes behind the fact. The production costs in making these rugs have risen. So, logically it left a direct impact on the handmade rug business. In addition, it takes a good amount of tax on exporting these rugs, and this leads to a price increase.

Though handmade rugs have huge demand, the prospect is actually depressing. Many people were involved in the business of making. But now things have changed. People are no more interested in to take the business of handmade rugs as a profession. Therefore, it is really important to take proper steps to support the producers of handmade rugs so that they can carry on their business with confidence.


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