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A Fossil Fuel Nation is a Dinosaur Devouring Its Own Head

Are fossil fuels really bad? We are told that we shouldn’t use fossil fuels such as coal and oil for energy generation and transportation. Often we are told that natural gas also goes in this category. We are led to believe that using fossil fuels is a dead end for any civilization that goes down that path. Still, all those that proclaim this have no solutions which are truly viable. Now, one could say we should be generating all of our energy with nuclear power, solar, geothermal, or hydroelectricity.

Each one of these comes with its own set of issues, challenges, and yes, even problems. The use of nuclear power comes with the issue of storage of spent fuel rods. Although, technology now allows us to use more, with less waste, it is still an issue. Hydroelectricity is great, but if we dam up all the rivers this leads to other problems, including fresh water supplies and it can cause issues with clean rivers and lakes, or delta areas at river mouths that lead to the ocean.

Speaking of ocean, hydro from ocean wave generation is a good idea, but we don’t seem to have the political will to see it to fruition, even though in most nations, most of their populations leave near the coastlines. Someday maybe we will figure out how to make that happen?

Geothermal energy is a great way to produce electricity for our civilizations. Unfortunately the Fossil Fuels geothermal energy also provides stability to plate tectonics, and we don’t know as much as we should. Geothermal also has its limits; if you take too much out of the ground it does not replenish as fast as you need it to produce more energy for you.

Those who are sold on solar and wind power must realize that it is not necessarily a reliable source of energy, because the collection of that energy depends a lot on the weather. Cloudy weather and calm days render such technologies somewhat problematic, as our civilization like most needs 24/7 reliable energy.

Now it has been said by a certain famous person that “a fossil fuel nation is a dinosaur Devouring Its Own Head,” and whereas, that might be true sometime in the future as the resources that are used dry up, I think we can safely say from history that fossil fuel nations have indeed become some of the greatest industrialized countries in the world.

If they hadn’t used fossil fuels they would’ve never been able to achieve that level of economic prosperity. So please be careful when making comments about energy. Something things might sound like a great idea, but could potentially be much worse than the pollution that is emitted from fossil fuels, or the challenges that fossil fuels are creating. Everything is a balance, don’t tip the scale, or pick up the scale and thrown off a cliff. Please consider all this.


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