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Article Writing For SEO Still Work

As anyone who has tried to improve their search engine ranking will know, to boost your own score you want quality back links from sites that rank highly and are relevant to your own. The search engines will see this as indicating your site has useful information for your visitors. Remember, the search engines update their algorithms all the time and they can spot genuine, unique and relevant information from software generated blurb.

And yes, article writing ticks the boxes.


Any article you write should be thoroughly researched, even if you are an expert in your niche. Research gives your article authority – use of proper terms, use of specific language, easy flow of information – all this makes your article more genuine.

This in turn ensures that you produce a unique article. The search engines love this. It’s their bread and butter. Unique content is not only good for the search engines, it’s very good for you too. Firstly, you have your Authors Resource Box with links back to your website, Secondly, you entertainment articles need have no qualms about submitting your article to multiple article directories and Finally, once you’ve written more articles on the same subject/theme you can put them together as an eBook and sell it as, ‘The Complete Guide To…’ with or without Private Label Rights. (Charge more if you sell it with Private Label Rights, obviously.)

As you get into the habit of writing articles it will become easier and easier for you to shine as an expert in your particular niche. Not only will your search engine ranking improve but your reputation as an informed person in your niche will be enhanced which, in turn, increases your leverage to get links to the big boys in your chosen niche.

Once you get back links from the big boys your ranking will increase and your traffic will increase which is when you sit back and count the cash coming in. NO, NO, NO. If you want to stay on top you will have to work at it. That means more relevant, unique and entertaining articles need to be created and posted.

This is one reason why articles are still a major help to your search engine ranking and your continued success. Sure, you could buy the latest software, hire an expensive SEO expert or do a dozen other things to try to improve your search engine ranking, or, you could sit for an hour each day and write about something that you are passionate about. It’s your niche, if you aren’t passionate about it then get out, your wasting your money and our time.

People use the internet mainly for entertainment and information. You CAN capitalize on that by giving them entertaining and informative articles with links back to your website. But remember, any article you publish to article directories can be viewed there for years to come, which is a double-edged sword. Make sure your article can stand the test of time and you will get residual traffic from it for years to come, but, if the article sounds false or is badly written or just plain wrong in its information, then that too will be there for years, a stone around your neck.

Avoid this by resting your article for few days before going back to it and editing it. It is worth it, believe me. Once you’ve done it a few times you will see what a difference it can make. It can turn a good article into something that will really connect with people, and that is exactly what you want to do to boost your search engine rankings.

Then, and only then can you consider publishing it happy in the knowledge that you have given your best to the world. It’s your name, your credibility, your reputation and possibly your whole business resting on the strength of your output. You owe it to yourself, after all your efforts putting together a website, a product, a service or whatever, you do owe it to yourself to give this part your full attention, even if it is only one hour a day.

You can find more info at my website, along with some ebooks that can help too. Thanks for reading.


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