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Forex Funnel Review – Learn the Truth About Forex Funnel

Because we do not know the creators of Forex Funnel, we cannot take into account their experience or knowledge in creating EA software. In addition, they do not show any proof of using the software for themselves to make money. It is general knowledge that the likely authors are one of two options. First, there is the mindset of it being created by Peter Parsons, who also developed Forex Tracer and has had mixed performances over the years. Secondly, it can be opined that it was developed by Rachmand Gagahlin Soendoro and Stevanus Romy of Switch Capital Management, since that is who owns the systems sign-in webpage. Their backgrounds are Information Technology and Business, respectively, and both have been trading for 6 to 7 years.

While the Forex Funnel system is designed to exploit the USD/JPY pair on the 1-hour timeframe, it can be ran profitably on other pairs. According to the creators, clickfunnels product review it was sampled in test accounts for over 4 years before it was released. In this period of time and in all kinds of market conditions, the software had consistently produced average profits of $100,000 per year.

Based on others’ reviews and scouring through their website, it appears that the Forex Funnel trading software is the real deal. Before you purchase it make sure that it meets (and exceeds) all three of the criteria below and any others you may personally find important. It would also be prudent to compare it with other software, too.

o Can the robot adapt to the changing market?

The foreign market is quite volatile and constantly changing. Because of that, the robot should be customizable to whatever you want. With the Forex Funnel, there is absolutely nothing that is customizable; the system is fully automated. This is geared towards individuals who have absolutely no Forex trading knowledge. Every entrance, every exit, every trade, every decision is made for you – no questions asked. Not only is it fully-automated, but it EA itself has a very limited number of features that are settable by the user. The minimal things you can control are the preferred position size, and the days of the week on which you prefer to trade.

o Should I have questions, is there a support-system?

Technical support is a must with these products. At some point, either before or after a purchase, every customer will likely have a question – whether it’s basic troubleshooting or advanced user-specific issues. A trustworthy vendor will have someone available to help you, day or night. Unfortunately, the Forex Funnel only offers email-based support. One good feature, however, is that after your purchase you are provided with full, easy-to-follow instructions and a full set of videos that explain everything to you in layman’s terms.

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