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Natural Stone For Countertops – It Affects Much More Than Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

Many people think that by simply choosing natural stone for a construction project, the environmentally friendly choice has been made. Natural stone is earth friendly, however, the process by which a supplier processes and quarries the stone affects the carbon footprint, too. By researching the suppliers of natural stone, one can be sure that the most environmentally friendly option has been found.

Suppliers of natural stone understand the importance of the environment and the impact the processing of the stones has on nature. Many suppliers are now planning ahead so that the adverse environment factors are reduced. Finding a supplier who recycles more water than they use and that is concerned with reclamation of the quarries is a necessity. By minimizing the use of on site transport and stone based waste products, quarries are making advances in sustainability.

The Natural Stone Council has a sustainability committee specifically concerned with these issues. Calling a company green is not just a modern marketing tool. The Natural Stone Council is concerned with improving the way stone is quarried. A sustainable company is not only benefiting the environment, but is also insuring its longevity in business. Being sustainable means that there will be no need to outsource. A sustainable company can stand on its own and keep costs down. This is just one particular area of environmental awareness with regards to the construction industry.

More homes are being constructed to maintain the green standard of living. These homes may even be LEED certified. This program is part of the U.S. Green Building Council and is a rating system by which a building is certified green. The rating system is made up of five parts: sustainability of sites, efficiency of water, energy, materials/resources and indoor environment quality. While these standards may seem idealistic, more builders and companies are becoming concerned with environmental practices.

Even though most families are not custom building their dream home, those home owners which are planning on remodeling or renovating an older building should make a responsible effort to seek out only those companies which take an active involvement in being sustainable. With the most popular remodeling being of the kitchen, it just makes sense to expect home owners to upgrade the countertops and shelving throughout the kitchen.

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