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The Rise of the Regional Digital Agency

Over the last 5 years the growing problems for traditional agencies have multiplied exponentially, not only are young specialist creative ‘shops’ setting up and eating away at the old-guard’s expertise but the shops are challenging more than just traditional agency methods – they’re even challenging their location. This article aims to set out why you shouldn’t be worried at the change but celebrating our regional diversity.

Agencies from as far afield as Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham are dispelling the notion that UK talent is centred in London and they’re doing it all with some big name clients and award-winning work. So why should you consider outsourcing your web design and digital briefs away from London?

Value for money – the regions can offer massive cost savings, digital and offline agencies can sometimes operate at half or even a third the cost of london web design agency, meaning you can often expect a professionally project managed service for the same price as a London freelance web designer! In all honesty this should be reason enough for many businesses but price should never come in between you and a…

Talented skill base – we genuinely believe that in the regional hubs (like Bristol and Manchester) there is just as much talent as in the London agencies. Both cities have a long history as being centre’s of creativity, whether in music or TV or other areas of the arts, and this cultural pedigree translates well to the commercial arena.

Lateral thinking – Isn’t it of benefit to have an outsiders viewpoint? Whilst many in London vye with one another to effectively produce variations on one anothers work, if you want true originality then you need to look for the outsiders.

We Care – In the regions you can rest assured that you won’t be “just another account”, to a behemoth agency with more clients than managers. Simply the fact that the regional agency network is less developed and has fewer clients’ means you’ll be more important to whoever you choose. Then there’s the genuine friendliness Londoners so often lack…

So in summary, you really should consider looking to the regions for your next website or digital agency project, it’ll cost you less, be just as good if not better, and the project process will be a whole lot more pleasant.

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