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The Shocking Truth About Best Selling Body Moisturizers

I was enraged after taking a closer look at some of the best selling body moisturizers.  I discovered that most of these best selling moisturizers were best sellers for the totally wrong reasons.

When looking at the products that claimed to be the best skin moisturizer, I noticed that the majority of them contained ingredients that are potentially (and even proven to be) harmful to the skin.  I also noticed that the best selling body moisturizers had rock bottom price tags.  Here are some of the ingredients I found in these cheap best selling body moisturizers that really shouldn’t be anywhere close to the skin:

*Mineral oils– these oils are one of the most common ingredients in moisturizers for two reasons.  First and foremost- they’re cheap!  Secondly, you skin becomes dependent on them after using for some time.  If you stop using them, your skin begins to chap and dry out.  On top that, mineral oils clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing and eliminating harmful toxins from your body.  delay spray in karachi I have no respect for companies that include mineral oils in their products.

*Fragrances– fragrances are usually made with ingredients known to be toxic.  Why would you want to apply this kind of substance on every inch of your skin?  Skin care companies just use fragrances to make their products smell more attractive, because if a product smells nice, we tend to enjoy using the product more.  You’re really better off just using a spray or two of perfume, cologne, or body spray to smell nice.

*Parabens– these are used mainly as a preservative in best selling moisturizers that are cheap.  But studies suggest that they may cause cancer, interfere with the body’s endocrine system, and even cause allergic reactions and rashes.

*DEA, MEA, and TEA– these are used to adjust the pH of many best selling body moisturizers.  But they cause allergic reactions, dry hair and skin, and are toxic if absorbed into the body for long periods of time.  They’ve actually been restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic (cancer-causing) effects.

Another thing that most best selling body moisturizers do is have aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns.  Because quite frankly, it’s the best way to get across to the most consumers.

Most consumers will purchase the best skin moisturizer they see advertised on TV, on a glossy magazine ad, or on a huge billboard on the highway.  It’s much easier and convenient to have products be recommended to us as oppose to researching and browsing through many kinds of different products.

Most companies that have best selling body moisturizers also pay famous celebrities and supermodels tons of money to be the spokesperson for their product.  Why?  Because they know that we will buy their products if someone famous says they use it!

That’s why I like to use moisturizers sold by small niche companies that use what would be marketing dollars for product development instead.  Sure they may be a bit more expensive, but I know that they’re made with powerful ingredients that my skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy.

Some food for thought: Don’t waste your time and money with well-known and well-marketed moisturizers. You’re better off with products from smaller companies that spend more on product development and use more potent ingredients that lack harmful side effects. I invite you to learn more about the best skin moisturizer  I’ve been using for over a year now, essential moisturizing ingredients, and ingredients you should avoid in any skin care product by visit my informative website listed below.


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