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Vintage or Antique Rugs South Africa

When you think of decorating your home with antique furniture, your mind is more likely to focus on things like beds, tables, and even mirrors and wall hangings. Depending on the room you plan to decorate, the thought of buying a rug to match may not cross your brain. In fact, you may not even consider rugs as possible antiques because of their functionality. A rug is probably the most used item in your room, considering the amount of foot traffic. Can something you walk on daily be considered a valuable antique?

Just because something looks old or appears valuable (or even costs quite a bit of money) doesn’t guarantee that the item is antique or worth what you paid. If you have little knowledge of antique rugs, you may risk being tricked into buying something that turns out to be a cheap imitation. You may also inherit a rug from a relative one day and be curious about its worth. Research on reg-centric websites may give you an idea of value, but there are many factors than can determine the true worth of your rug.Find perfect vintage rugs South Africa at Tirmah interiors

Age, size, country of origin, style of manufacture, and even the dyes used to make the rug figure into the overall value. If you don’t have an eye for these qualities, you may find that an antique looks no different from an imitation. Calling on a rug expert to properly appraise your property will give you a better idea of what your rug is worth.

Some reasons you should consider an appraisal include:

1) Insurance. If the rug is valuable (and some antiques have been assessed as high as a million dollar), you definitely want to include it in your homeowner’s policy should something happen to it.

2) Inheritance. As you make out your will, you will need to dictate who receives the rug and make sure the beneficiary is aware of the value.

3) Security. It’s good to have an expert appraise your antique rug so you’ll no exactly what it’s worth. You may be inclined to place it in a particular room so it’s not subject to heavy foot traffic.

4) Income. If you discover the value of your rug, you may feel inclined to put out feelers and see if it will sell.

If you are not schooled in rug appraisal, seek out a reputable expert who can assist you. Knowing your rug’s true value can help determine how you decorate your home.

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